Welcome to Wishing Star Farm

Vegetable, herb, and flower plants for your home garden


When midlife crisis strikes, some people dream of world travel or shiny new sports cars. For inexplicable reasons Jim Bono dreamed of a farm. Twenty five years later and against all odds, Wishing Star Farm has become a grower of choice for home gardeners in Central/South Jersey. By providing a wide variety of vegetable, culinary herb, and selected flower seedlings, Jim and his family have developed an ever growing following of down and dirty cultivators, backyard horticulturists, and enthusiastic experimenters who come swarming back every spring to disturb the peace and quiet of our farmstead. We should really stop putting out signs.

If, however, you feel you might be one of those aforementioned gardeners interested in starting off your little plot of soil the right way with thriving and hardy seedlings, then we humbly suggest you peruse the About Us section to learn how our business operates. First time visitors will definitely want to check this out. Then, you can browse our online shop to pick out the varieties you want to add to your order. You can also download the plant list and order form as in days of old. Thank you to all our customers for choosing us over the abundance of garden centers and chain stores in the region, and welcome to Wishing Star Farm.

Sincerely -The Bono Family